Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions


What will hold a spot for my camper?

Camp space is secured by registering online AND paying the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $125 per session.  Campers registering online will receive immediate confirmation of enrollment.  Please keep the confirmation email as it will contain a link to access your online account. Final camp fees are due by a May 1, 2018. Once full payment has been received, your spot in camp is secure. Due to high demand, balances not paid by May 1, 2018 will result in forfeiture of camp space.

 How soon should I register?

As soon as possible once registration opens!  Camp sessions fill earlier and earlier each year.  Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  No phone registrations are taken.

****Be sure your e-mail address is correct, and enable any spam/junk e-mail blockers to accept e-mails from .  You receive confirmation e-mails and statements, as well as any future news or updates regarding camp sessions thru e-mail.

Is credit card the only accepted form of payment?


Can I pay part of my balance now and the rest later?

Yes.  By default during registration, you can select to pay the full amount or just the deposit (with remaining balance charged to your credit card on May 1, 2018).  However, you can log into your online account at any time to make additional payments towards your balance.  Full balance is due by May 1.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes.  2nd (and 3rd, 4th, etc) sibling will be given a 10% discount.  If you purchase the extra underwater video add-on, the sibling discount will not apply to this.

Are there any other discounts available?

No discounts other than sibling discounts are available.

Do you keep wait lists in case of cancellations?

Yes. Once a session sells out, the online system will open a waitlist option to allow people to register for a particular session’s waitlist.  There is no charge to register for the waitlists, but it does require you to fill out all of the registration info.

Cancellations are rare, but do happen, and sometimes occur at the last minute. It is impossible for us to predict who will get in off of the lists, when that might occur, and how many cancellations we may have for each summer’s camps. We understand that summer plans are made well in advance, but if your schedule is flexible, waitlisting may be an option for you.

If space becomes available, you will be contacted by E-MAIL to accept or decline the opening. Please be sure to provide an e-mail address that is checked frequently.  There is no guarantee that space will become available, or when it will happen. Cancellations can happen months in advance or the day before a session begins.  If space does not become available, your e-mail address will be added to the e-mail distribution list for the next camp. If your e-mail changes, please notify the Camp.


What are the refund procedures?

The $125 deposit is non-refundable for any reason at any time. Cancellations prior to May 1, 2018 receive a full refund of the camp fee less the $125 deposit and the ACTIVE Network processing fee. There are no refunds or credits of any portion of the camp fee after May 1 for reasons other than documented medical conditions.

There are no refunds for a “no show” or if a camper leaves early due to homesickness.

There are no refunds once a session has started.

Campers who switch from overnight camp to commuter camp after their session has started do not receive a refund or credit for the difference.

Campers who cancel their space due to a medical reason have 10 days from the date of cancellation to submit a physician’s note to the camp as proof. There is NO REFUND after 10 days. These may be emailed to

What should I do if I find out I cannot attend my camp session?

As a courtesy, please notify the camp immediately if you are unable to attend. We do keep waiting lists, and this can allow someone else to attend camp. Sorry, the camp will no longer issue credit toward the next year’s camp.

If I cannot attend camp, can I try to fill my spot with a friend or teammate?

No. The space belongs to the Camp and cannot be switched out with another person. We do maintain wait lists for those trying to attend, and this is camp procedure. It’s also the fairest method, as switching with someone is similar to cutting in line.

How are refunds processed?

Refunds will be made to the credit card listed on your online account.


Does my swimmer really need to have competitive experience to attend?

The camp provides a fun, but challenging atmosphere. We highly recommend that every camper coming into the Wolfpack Swim Camp has some form of competitive experience prior to attending, but it is not required. However, the instruction offered by the camp is not geared toward beginning swimmers, nor is it learn to swim. Campers get the most from the camp if they have been involved in a competitive swimming program of some kind – summer league, high school, YMCA, USA Swimming, etc. If you have any questions about whether you believe the program is right for your swimmer, please call Mary Holloway, camp administrator, at (919) 703-6305 or e-mail:

Who makes up the staff?

Aside from the NC State coaches, we employ experienced coaches who work the camp start to finish and stay in the dorms.  This creates a close bond where the coaches get to know the swimmers well in and out of the pool.  These coaches come with high recommendations, and typically coach at the high school, club or collegiate level, or have finished their NCAA eligibility as collegiate swimmers and are looking to get into coaching as a profession. We also employ members of the NC State teams and post-graduate athletes to work with the campers on a daily basis.

How are campers grouped?

Campers are grouped based on their age at camp, and their submitted 50-yard freestyle time. While we understand that not everyone is a 50 freestyler, it is the “common ground” that allows us to group swimmers on the first night of camp. We make changes if warranted, but we must also maintain manageable groups within the camp. Campers must give their assigned group a try on Monday morning. There are no group changes made on Sunday evening. The Camp makes no guarantee that friends / siblings will be in the same group nor does it take group requests. Campers should be prepared for this if it should happen.

What if my 50-yard freestyle time has changed since I registered for camp?

You may access your online account at any time to update your camper’s 50 freestyle time.  The time we have on file one week prior to the first day of camp is the time we use to group the campers.  We understand that times improve frequently from the time a camper has registered for camp, and we do our best to have our groups be as evenly matched as possible. But, that depends on the information we have in front of us, some of which may be months old and outdated since registration. Please help us in keeping your campers 50 freestyle time current and up to date.

What are the workouts like?

We swim twice a day, each scheduled for 2 hours.  The morning workout is more technique-oriented and we spend a lot of time working on drills for the stroke(s) we are focusing on that day.  The afternoon workout includes sets with more yardage and interval training while focusing on the stroke adjustments made in the morning session.

What is the ratio of campers to coaches?

We generally have about a 7:1 or 8:1 ratio during swim workouts.

Do you do video analysis of the campers strokes?

Yes. Campers are filmed underwater in freestyle and a stroke of their choice.  Immediately following their filming, they review the footage with a coach and are offered approximately 2 minutes of feedback for each stroke.  This video and associated feedback is emailed to the parent email address on file.  This is an extremely valuable piece of camp and something very few camps offer standard to all campers.  We also offer a limited number of spots (as an add-on purchase) to expand the filming and commentary to all 4 strokes plus a start.

What equipment do campers need to bring?

Campers must bring suits, towels, WATER BOTTLE, and goggles for water sessions. Training equipment from home (kickboard, fins, etc.) should NOT be brought. For dryland sessions, shorts, t-shirt, and sturdy athletic shoes are required. A backpack works well for bringing things to and from the pool. Due to locker space and user groups at the pool, campers may not leave their belongings in a locker during the day.

What if a camper has a pre-existing injury?

Camp is a physically demanding and challenging week, and campers should be in good physical condition prior to arrival. Please notify the Camp of any injuries prior to check-in.  In addition, include the information in the Emergency Information and Consent form.  It is very important that we know any and all medical conditions a camper may have, or special situations that parents feel we should know about. We can substitute exercises or training sets to an extent to fit the situation as long as we are informed in advance, but in some cases, it is better to focus on recovery, and stay home. If a camper cannot participate in the full camp schedule, they should not be at camp. These are handled on a case by case basis and all information is confidential. Please help us to help your camper.

Do you have an Athletic Trainer on staff?

Yes. A licensed athletic trainer is at all pool sessions and living in the dorm.

What about medications?

The camp can help with dispensing OTC medications IF we have the proper form on file.  Prescription medications (with the exception of inhalers) MUST be checked in at camp check-in to the Athletic Trainer in a zip-loc bag with medication, dosage directions, dosage amounts and times, and parent contact information. The trainer will arrange times to help administer to the camper. Inhalers should be brought out on deck during all training sessions.

What is the address for Willis Casey Natatorium/Carmichael Rec Center?



Will my child be supervised in the dorm?

Yes! Every camper will be assigned to a counselor. In addition to counselors, some of the Wolfpack Swim Camp staff will be housed in the dorms as well.

Where will the overnight campers be staying?

Campers will stay on Central Campus – Bowen Hall.

How many campers per room?

NC State University Housing limits us to two campers per room for overnight camps, however rooms are arranged in a suite style with 5 rooms or 2 per room in each suite.

Will my child be matched with her roommate preference?

We will do our best to accommodate roommate preferences. Please make sure that both campers list each other as their requested roommate when  registering.  You can also update this information after registering by accessing your online account.

Will we need to bring linens and toiletries? Anything else?

Yes. All campers will need bed linens for an extra long twin bed (regular twin bed fitted sheet will not fit).  You will also need to send toiletries and two to three towels with your camper. Many campers bring appropriate games, cards, personal music players, snacks, and drinks to make their stay more comfortable.  Every room will have a refrigerator and microwave.  The camp is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please leave expensive and/or sentimental items at home. Camp is not the place for them.

Is there anything campers cannot bring?

Televisions, laptops, and excessive amounts of cash are not allowed. Contraband items that have no place at camp: matches, lighters, knives, firearms, alcoholic beverages, rope, razor blades, tobacco products, illegal drugs, candles, fireworks, incense, etc. If it requires a second thought or question about whether it belongs at camp or not – it doesn’t! Please contact the camp administrator with any questions on this. It’s better to ask, then be sent home for having something you should not have in the first place! We do not hesitate to contact parents, call local authorities, and send campers home for possession of illegal items.

Are cell phones allowed?

Cell phones are permitted at camp. However, we caution sending them with your camper. If a camper becomes homesick, they can hinder more than help in the camp experience. Many campers will also call home first instead of receiving immediate help from a staff member, which lengthens the response time. Cell phones are ONLY to be kept and used in the campers room, and not allowed in the lounge of the dorm, activities, dining hall, or on walks to/from the pool. The Camp reserves the right to confiscate cell phones from campers who do not follow this policy. If you feel a cell phone may be abused while at camp, please do not send one with your camper.

What if I lose my room key during camp?

NC State charges $125 for a lost key and $25 for a lost key card (used to enter dorm building)..  This will be billed to the credit card used for payment of camp fees. If a key is lost, it should be reported right away, as making a new key does take time. There are no refunds for lost keys (even if they are found upon arrival at home – the new one has already been made).

What if campers don’t get along as roommates?

Once rooming assignments are made, there is no changing of rooms at any time.  This will not be the last time a camper may have a disagreement with another person in their lifetime, and it can be an important learning experience.  Roommates that are having disagreements are encouraged to seek out their floor or group counselor before calling home.   The counselor will help the campers find a solution to the problem.

What if a camper gets homesick while at camp?

It is completely normal for someone to feel this way especially if it’s their first time away at camp. We have found that the most helpful solution is to STAY BUSY during the down time at the dorm. This situation is where a cell phone is not helpful. Hanging out with friends, signing up for activities, and staying busy helps, but hanging out in the room and doing nothing only intensifies the homesick feeling. We recommend that campers only call home one to two times during the week, as calling home can also intensify the homesick feeling. Counselors can help in this situation, and we encourage the campers, and parents, to make it thru to the end of the week. It is highly recommended that your child have experience being away from home prior to attending camp. There are no refunds for those campers that leave camp early due to homesickness.

How are rooms and bathrooms arranged by gender?

Bowen Hall offers suite-style rooms.  Each suite contains 5 rooms (each double occupancy).  Each suite shares a bathroom with 2 stalls, 2 showers, and 2 sinks.  Each suite is gender specific.


What do campers do in between swim sessions?

Some days we swim 10:00-12:00 and 4:00-6:00 and other days we swim 9:00-11:00 and 2:00-4:00 (though this is subject to change based on NC State summer schedules).  Lunch is served after the morning swim session.  We will have team activities, video viewing, discussions on nutrition, college, etc and of course some down time.  Especially as the week progresses, the campers need recovery breaks and even (gasp!) naps.

What about in the evening?

Evening activities have consisted of bowling, scavenger hunt, Minute to Win It, Kickball tournaments, movie night, an Ice Cream Social, etc.


How do I get in touch with my camper?

In emergencies, the camp staff will have a cell phone number to call Mary Holloway, the camp administrator, immediately.  This number will also be published in the camp information packet.

Will my child have a telephone or internet access in their room?

Cell phones may only be used in the camper’s room. Laptops are not allowed, and should be left at home.  For those concerned about data plans, there is free wi-fi available in the dorms (ncsu_guest), though the camper will have to log into it each time they access the internet

What time is check-in for the overnight camps?

Check-in will begin at 5:00pm and will end at 7:00pm.

What airport should my camper fly into for the Wolfpack Swim Camp?

All campers should fly into RDU.

Will someone be able to pick my son/daughter up from the airport?

Yes, one of the Wolfpack Swim Camp staff members will meet your camper at the airport and transport them back to the NC State campus. Be sure to email with your itinerary.  The cost for this service is $30.

Can I send mail or a care package to my camper?

We have not had good luck in the past with mail or care packages being delivered to the camper, so we do not recommend it.


What time do I need to drop my camper off in the morning? When do I get to pick them up?

Commuter camp check-in will occur on Monday morning.  The campers will turn in their form(s), receive check-in packet, etc.  Check-in takes very little time, so it will occur 8:00-8:30am.  Tues, Wed, Thurs drop-off will be from 8:00-8:30am.  Please do not drop off before 8:00am as no camp counselors will be available to check them in.  Pick-up is each day 6:00-6:15pm.


How much money should my camper bring to camp?

All meals are included in your cost. We will have a camp store that will be open during check-in and during check-out and also during specific hours during the day. Camp store will include: NC State Swimming apparel, swim suits, caps, gatorade, and snacks.

My child has food allergies.  How is this handled?

In the dining halls at NC State they mark items that contain gluten, nuts and tree nuts, fish and shellfish, eggs, dairy and soy. In the dining halls on campus they have allergy friendly foods in the Worry Free refrigerator.  Dining will have gluten-free bread, bagels, muffins, and granola for your convenience. You will have access to a toaster dedicated to gluten free bread only.

Peanut and Other Nut Allergies: Please check the iPad or touch screen before eating at the dining hall. The dining halls have items that contain nuts, so be wary of your choices.  You need to be very careful with desserts.  They are produced in a kitchen that uses nuts and peanuts.

Dairy Allergy: the dining halls offer soy milk in the worry free station. Check the iPad or touch screen for menu choices without dairy.

To find more information about allergens check out the nutrition and allergy chart on our website or check the iPad and allergen board located in each dining hall. Menu items are marked at the point of service using a menu identifier card that displays the allergens in each dish.

NC State has a registered dietician we can work with to get daily menus ahead of time with allergens marked.  If you need this information, please email so we can coordinate this for you.

Can I pick up my child early during camp (for example, to go to their summer league swim meet)?

Yes.  Whenever you know the details, just email to let us know.

Can I check in late for overnight/commuter camp?

Yes.  Notify us at and we can arrange for your check-in request.

Pack Swim Camp, LLC is neither owned nor operated by NC State University. Camp is open to any and all entrants of qualified age.